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Louis Cartier (1875?942) was a famous French watchmaker and businessman recognized worldwide for his elegant and extravagant designs in watches. A son of Alfred Cartier, he was passionate about mechanical pocket watches and had the goal of making his own line of timepieces. While Patek Phillipe designed the first wristwatch in 1868, Louis Cartier is responsible for helping to popularize it over the traditional pocket watch. Probably the most important steps in Cartier’s family business were produced by several generations: Louis Francois Cartier, his son Alfred Cartier and three grandsons, Pierre, Jacque and Louis Francois.

In 1874, Cartier’s son Alfred took over the business and expanded it considerably. That included watches, which Louis-Francois had only dabbled in. In 1899, Alfred’s son Louis Cartier entered the firm. Louis Cartier was an incredible lover of mechanical pocket watches and wanted the company to build its own branded Cartier watches.

In 1907, Cartier signed a contract with Edmond Jaeger, who agreed to exclusively supply the movements for Cartier watches. By this time, Cartier had branches in London, New York and St. Petersburg and was quickly becoming a single of your most successful watch companies inside the planet. In 1932, the watertight watch, created especially for the Pasha of Marrakesh, raised the bar even higher. Needless to say, the innovations, each in terms of design and technology, continued apace.

Within the early 1920s, Cartier formed a joint company with Edward Jaeger (of your famed Jaeger-Le Coultre company) to produce movements solely for Cartier. This was the famed European watch & clock company born, even though Cartier continued to make use of movements from other great makers. Cartier watches is often located with movements from Vacheron Constantin, Audemars-Piguet, Movado and Le Coultre.

It was also during this period that Cartier began adding its own reference numbers to the watches it sold, normally by stamping a four-digit code on the underside of a lug. In reality, lots of collectors refuse to accept a Cartier watch as original unless these numbers are present.


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